Italian and foreign producers of brooms, brushes and paintbrushes can always trust Pogliani srl
where they can find high quality products, cooperation and an efficient service.

At the beginning of the XX century Pogliani srl prepared bristles, hair and vegetable fibres; nowadays production turned into commercial activity, keeping a great knowledge of this sector. Their range of products has been gradually increased in order to follow the market's evolution and to cover all of their customer's needs.

We regularly deal with bristles in different tops and lengths, natural, black or dyed.
Market contingences have led us to import also synthetic filaments that are quite similar and that can be a very good alternative to natural bristles for brushes and paintbrushes production.
In addition to these items we are able to supply synthetic monofilaments for brushes and paintbrushes production, used both in the traditional field and in others sectors such as cosmetic, dental and domestic hygiene, household and industrial industries.

The wide range of brushes materials includes also brush wires, used both for stapling and for filling purposes such as stainless steel wires, hard steel wire, level or crimped brass wire, and others special alloys: bronze, low carbon wires ( Bessemer) and nickel silver flat wire.

Although if some times considered niche products, we can supply also natural vegetable and animal fibres: tampico, coconut, palmyra, broom root and horse tail hair.

Our ultra centenarian experience allowed us to establish business agreements with selected commercial partners from all over the world, this allows us to provide high quality products, often available from stock and ready for shipment.

If you are looking for brush materials, brush wire and brush filaments, Pogliani srl is the right company you should address your enquiries to!